Chaos Rehearsals, Réplica & Frot the World


A special trio pack of Canal's Winter 2022-23 fresh releases: the fiction collection 'Frot the World' by Fer Boyd, and the poetry collections 'Réplica' by Rebecca Close and 'Chaos Rehearsals' by Madeleine Stack. Together these books run through crumbling streets, pocketing trinkets, dodging recognition, and holding possibilities up to the light. True loves, queer families and boozing jesters move through a labyrinth of bureaucracy and miracles, talking back to the state in ways that are psychedelic, satirical, ancient, animal and human, getting it waterlogged with their words. The books scream with bare feet going plat-plat on the palimpsests of pub carpets, something more than capitalism is already here!

They retail individually at £13.

Please note that UK orders will ship from within the UK, and all other orders will ship from Spain.

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